Environmental Consultant

Environmental protection is an important component in the activity of any company. But to do it right we need to understand the real impact of the company's activity on the environment and compliance with environmental requirements.
Any economic activity that has an impact on the environment has the obligation, according to GEO195 / 2005, to have a specialized department and an environmental manager.

The process of impact assessment and implementation of environmental legislative solutions is complex and requires a lot of experience and knowledge regarding environmental protection.

In this sense, the Stratos Environmental Consultant becomes your environmental expert or even your environmental manager.

Through personalized environmental services, Stratos helps you to:

  • correctly assess the environmental impact produced by the company
  • identify fair and effective environmental solutions to reduce this impact
  • you prepare correctly and completely the documentation for obtaining regulatory acts (environmental opinion, environmental agreement, integrated environmental permit / permit, wastewater management agreement)
  • identify and responsibly manage hazardous waste or waste produced by the company
  • monitor environmental factors
  • create the documentation and implement the environmental solutions for different certifications
  • be prepared for verification by the competent authorities in the field.

The Environmental Consultant for any type of operation and environmental documentation is guaranteed not only by the expertise of the Environmental Consultants but also by the certifications and assurances obtained.

ISO certification
Through the two ISO standards implemented by Stratos - ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) ensures the continuous improvement of environmental performance.
Study Developer Certification
Stratos is on List of experts conducting environmental studies (former National Register of Computer Developers for Environmental Protection) at position 173.
Business insurance

By Business Insurance held (liability limit up to 200.000 euros), we assume full responsibility for the services provided and we have coverage for any possible error that may occur.

Why use the Stratos Environmental Consulting expert

Years of accumulated experience in Environmental Consulting
Customers who have benefited from environmental services
Environmental studies developed and delivered
National coverage
Stratos is with you in any area of ​​the country
Team of Professionals
Environmental consultants with extensive legislative experience in environmental management
Personalized Services
Experience in environmental consulting allows us to offer environmental services tailored to your business
Updated Information
Correct and up-to-date information to avoid fines
Business insurance
We take full responsibility for our services
Specialty Software
High-performance software and specialized equipment

They trust the Stratos environmental consulting services

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Frequently asked questions

What is Environmental Consulting?

Environmental consulting is the process of assessing the impact that a company has on the environment as well as identifying solutions to reduce this impact and fulfilling the environmental responsibilities required by environmental legislation.

What is an environmental assessment or audit?

The environmental assessment helps the competent authorities to identify potential adverse effects on the environment and involves developing a report on them. Any project or economic activity carried out by an undertaking may be subject to such an assessment in order to minimize or completely eliminate its impact on pollution.

What results can Environmental Consulting produce?

An environmental assessment or audit is only the first step in the process of complying with environmental legislation. From here can derive a series of measures that must be implemented following the analysis and evaluation of data: environmental permits, reports to environmental authorities, waste management records, AFM obligations, specific audits or environmental studies, etc.

What can Stratos do for me?

If you are a company that generates waste, produces or imports packaged products, which has the obligation to have an environmental permit and to report to the environmental authorities, Stratos can perform both environmental audits on the entire level of responsibilities (waste management, AFM obligations , regulatory acts, reporting to the authorities and their correctness) as well as partial audits only on a certain segment of those listed. Stratos is also involved in the implementation of any corrective measures that, of course, it proposes taking into account the cost-effectiveness of your company and follows the implementation process to the end, followed by a compliance report.

What are the steps to start a collaboration?

The first step would be to get to know each other. Then a Stratos Environmental Consultant will go with you through the following steps:

- planning / establishing the objectives of the environmental assessment / audit

- data collection

- data analysis and evaluation

- setting remedies and priorities for compliance and making recommendations

- implementation of recommendations.

Why Stratos?

1. Because we have long experience in Environmental Consulting and Services

2. Because a consultant is cheaper than a fine

3. Because various environmental services will be required for accessing credits, mergers, opening of new services, liquidation or closure of activity, public recognition, etc.

4. Because, depending on the service package accessed, we represent you in case of control

5. Because, in case you suffer any damage due to our fault, on the environmental side, we offer guarantees based on the business insurance we have.